Hard Cap Gel Knee Pad

Hard Cap Gel Knee Pad

SKU: HD98000

The Gel Hard Cap Knee Pads feature a hard cap and are ideal for applications with hard surfaces like carpet, hard wood, sub floor, concrete, and general construction. Mesh, moisture-wicking lining and neoprene/elastic straps give extra flexibility and support. These hard cap knee pads are ideal for swiveling or sliding and are designed with a 2 strap system for additional comfort. The strap system is comprised of a neoprene bottom strap that tightens firmly for support, and an elastic top strap that holds the pad in place without causing discomfort. Both straps are adjustable and attach with a hook and loop closure.


  • Hard cap for swiveling and sliding
  • Gel padding for highest level of comfort and durability
  • Mesh, moisture wicking lining
  • Neoprene/elastic straps are adjustable with hook and loop closure
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