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From humble beginnings in the aptly named "grunge golf" market, Dead On Tools began as a golf club boasting serious precision.  When this market proved to be more theoretical than profitable, the original engineer teamed up with a hardware salesman and produced the first Dead On hammer: the Death Stick. 

Instantly, the Death Stick became a cult favorite on job-sites throughout Southern California. Thus, Dead On Tools was born. Soon after, additional hand tools started development like the Exhumer nail puller series and the ever-popular Annihilator wrecking bars.

Today, Dead On Tools still carries its namesake hand tools, but has focused intently on mastering professional tool belts. The latest installation of tool belts includes serious upgrades like the professional suspension system and belt that boasts a maximum width of 52" around. Shop from the customized belts using the Dead On Tools color-code system to get the best fit for you.

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